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A Probe Sonicators is a laboratory instrument that uses high-frequency sound waves to disrupt and homogenize samples. It is also known as a sonicating probe or ultrasonic homogenizer.

The Probe Sonicators consists of two main components: a generator and a sonication probe. The generator produces high-frequency electrical energy, typically in the range of 20 kHz to 20 MHz, which is then converted into mechanical energy by the sonication probe. The probe typically has a titanium or stainless-steel tip that vibrates at high frequency when immersed in a liquid sample.

The high-frequency vibration of the probe creates cavitation bubbles in the liquid, which collapse violently and generate shock waves. These shock waves disrupt the sample, breaking apart cells or other structures and dispersing the contents of the sample throughout the liquid.

Probe Sonicators are commonly used in biological and chemical research labs for various applications such as cell lysis, DNA and protein extraction, nanoparticle synthesis, and emulsification. The intensity of sonication can be controlled by adjusting the power output, duration, and pulse mode of the generator. However, it is important to optimize sonication conditions for each specific application, as excessive sonication can lead to sample degradation or denaturation.


✔ PS_ Classic

✔ PS_ Advance

✔ PS_ Premium

Specifications :

Frequency (kHz) 20/30/40 20/30/40
Power (Watt) 125/150/250/ 500/750
Probe / Sonotrode (mm) ∅3, ∅6, ∅13 mm ∅19, ∅25 mm
Actual Weight Approx. 13 kg Approx. 22 kg
Actual Size (L x W x H) Approx. (409 X 262 X 262) mm Approx. (484 X 458 X 238) mm
Packaging Type and Size Corrugated Box and Approx. Size (507 X 360 X 360) mm Corrugated Box and Approx. Size (581 X 556 X 336) mm
Operational Requirement
Input Power Supply AC 230V 50/60Hz, 16Amp
CVT / Stabilizers If the voltage is unstable then use CVT/Stabilizer to avoid damage
Features :

There are a few salient features associated with our instruments which include:

❑ Our devices are easy to clean and maintain.

❑ We provide modular generator for easy servicing of our machines.

❑ Our instruments come with rugged and corrosion free stainless-steel finish.

❑ These devices are equipped with extensively protected electronic circuits for longer and safer functioning.

❑ The parameters like total time, pulse on time, pulse off time can be adjusted.

❑ Adjustable operation modes to reduce the heat rise in temperature sensitive samples is available with our devices.

❑ Probe material Titanium Alloys

❑ Variable Amplitude

❑ Touchpad / Touch Screen Display

❑ Power Protection

❑ High-Temperature Protection

❑ High Voltage Protection & Dry run protection

Advantages :

❑ Fully Controllable

❑ Replaceable tips

❑ Even Distribution throughout the Sample

❑ Short sonication time

❑ Fully programmable in parameters such as processing time and pulse on off time

❑ Fully controllable in parameters such as Temperature, overloading

❑ Amplitude controllable

❑ Titanium probe will not react with any liquid.

❑ We can control the power through the amplitude.

❑ Customer will get the display option as per his requirement.

❑ We provide different types of protection options. Which will help to increase the life of the machine.

Applications :

❑ Emulsification of immiscible components.

❑ Homogenization of cosmetic ingredients.

❑ Dissolving of solids and powders.

❑ Dispersion of nano particles into liquid and breaking down the size of particles.

❑ In food industry for protein extraction and other food extractions.

❑ Extraction of DNA.

❑ To accelerate chemical reactions.

❑ Lab research purposes.

❑ Disrupt cell membranes and release cellular contents.

❑ Artificial ageing of liquors and other alcoholic beverages.

❑ Used in speeding the filtration process as it kills bacteria.

❑ Study of different parts of soil.

❑ Chemical Engineering

❑ Bio-Fuels & Oils Industries

❑ All IIT / NIT / Engineering Colleges

❑ Nano Particles Mixing With Solution

❑ Mixing 2 different solutions

❑ Ultrasonic Homogenization of Liquids

Research Institutes

R & D Laboratories

Chemical Engineering

Bio-Fuels & Oils Industries

All IIT / NIT / Engineering Colleges

Nano Particles Mixing With Solution

Sonication For Different Solutions

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