We are Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter of Ultrasonic Poultry Manure Belt Welding Machines (Ultrasonic Poultry Manure Belt Welders) from Pune, Maharashtra, India.

A Poultry Manure Belt Welders is a machine used to weld together the ends of a poultry manure belt, which is a type of conveyor belt used in poultry farms to transport manure away from the birds. The welder uses heat and pressure to melt and fuse the ends of the belt together, creating a seamless, continuous loop.

The machine typically consists of a heating element, a pressure mechanism, and a control system. The heating element is used to melt the ends of the belt, while the pressure mechanism ensures that the melted ends are firmly pressed together until they cool and solidify.

Using a Poultry Manure Belt Welders can help improve the efficiency and effectiveness of manure removal in poultry farms by ensuring that the conveyor belt remains intact and does not break or tear during operation. This can help reduce downtime and maintenance costs, as well as improve the overall cleanliness and hygiene of the farm.


✔ ULTRA PMBW 40-500

Specifications :

Frequency (kHz) 40
Power (Watt) 500
Welding Tip Standard, also make customized as per requirement
Actual Weight Approx. 9 kg
Actual Size (L x W x H) Approx. (360 X 213 X 287) mm
Packaging Type and Size Corrugated Box and Approx. Size (458 X 311 X 385) mm
Operational Requirement
Input Power Supply AC 230V 50/60Hz, 6 Amp
Features :

❑ Portable operation, fast, clean, safe and stable

❑ Accord with human body engineering design, easy to use and operate.

❑ It can set the minimum welding time like 1 sec.

❑ Durable for harsh and demanding environment.

❑ Rugged & Reliable

❑ Properly controlled welds take less than five seconds

❑ Wide Range of Tips

Advantages :

❑ Light weight: 10 kg Easy to handle Lightweight

❑ SS body: no rusting

❑ Export quality, our machine is compared with Sonic Italia in the market, we have export quality machine

❑ Higher frequency:40 KHz

❑ High-low voltage circuit: Automatic power cut off

❑ SMPS base machine (Switch mode power supply): even voltages vary output will be same Voltage will be between 180 to 250.

❑ If the voltage is unstable then use CVT/Stabilizer to avoid damage

❑ 5-meter cable we provide along with machine, so it's easy to weld even at distance places too

❑ Single phase machine: So, if customer uses phase to phase supply machine will not damage.

❑ We provide the voltage meter with a machine; it will indicate voltage fluctuations.

Applications :

❑ Poultry Manure Belt

❑ Egg Belt

❑ PP Belts

Poultry Manure Belt

Eggs Belt

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