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A high volume Probe Sonicators is a laboratory instrument used for the disruption, homogenization, and mixing of biological samples in high volumes. It operates by using ultrasonic waves to break apart cells, tissues, and other biological materials.

The sonicator consists of an ultrasonic generator, a probe, and a power supply. The probe is a metal horn that vibrates at high frequency, typically between 20 kHz and 40 kHz, when it is immersed in a liquid sample. This creates high-intensity sound waves that cause cavitation, which is the formation and collapse of microscopic bubbles in the sample. This process generates high shear forces and turbulence, which can break apart cells and release their contents.

High volume Probe Sonicators are typically used for large-scale processing of samples, such as in bioprocessing, food processing, and chemical manufacturing. They can also be used for DNA and RNA extraction, cell lysis, and protein extraction. The volume capacity of these instruments can range from a few milliliter to several litres, depending on the model.


✔ PS_ Classic

✔ PS_ Premium

Specifications :

Frequency (kHz) 20
Power (Watt) 1000/1200/1500/1800
Probe / Sonotrode (mm) ∅28, ∅32, ∅36, ∅40 mm
Actual Weight Approx. 22 kg
Actual Size (L x W x H) Approx. (484 X 458 X 238) mm
Packaging Type and Size Wooden Box and Approx. Size (581 X 556 X 336) mm
Operational Requirement
Input Power Supply AC 230V 50/60Hz, 16Amp
CVT / Stabilizers If the voltage is unstable then use CVT/Stabilizer to avoid damage
Features :

❑ Precise and convenient digital displaying and controlling.

❑ Digital display can show you the output power directly.

❑ Pulse width and interval time can be separately set.

❑ It is timer controlled and can switch off automatically when the set time is run off. You can turn it off when necessary.

❑ Various kinds of optional tips are available.

❑ Wide Range of Tips

❑ Temperature control: You can set the maximum limit of temperature after crossing that limit the working of Sonicator will automatically stop preventing degradation of sample.

❑ Probe material Titanium Alloys

❑ Variable Amplitude

❑ Touch Screen Display

❑ Overload Protection

❑ Power Protection

❑ High-Temperature Protection

❑ High Voltage Protection & Dry run protection

❑ We provide different types of protection options. Which will help to increase the life of the machine.

Advantages :

❑ Large screen LCD

❑ Full intensity control: Intensity is controlled from 1-100% giving a greater degree of resolution and ability to pinpoint the amplitude needed to effectively process sample.

❑ Programmability: Parameters like total time, Pulse on Time, Pulse Off Time can be adjusted

❑ Pulse mode: Adjustable Pulse on and Off time mode to reduce the heat rise in the temperature sensitive samples

❑ Temperature monitoring: Integrated temperature control to prevent overheating of the sample

❑ Titanium probe will not react with any liquid.

Applications :

❑ Prepare Tissue

❑ Accelerate Enzymatic Reactions

❑ Disperse Solids

❑ Dissolve Powders

❑ Extract DNA / RNA

❑ Degassing of Liquids

❑ Dissolve Tablets

❑ Extract Proteins

❑ Immiscible Liquids

❑ Stimulate Bacterial Activity

Dissolve Powders

Extract DNA / RNA

Prepare Emulsions

Accelerate Chemical Reactions

Degassing of Liquids

Dissolve Tablets

Extract Proteins

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